This is a past event. Please join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Silex for beginners

Build a PHP modern app as fast as possible... for small apps, proof of concept, understand new concepts (before the Symfony huge step forward),

First part of the workshop will demonstrate how you can setup a complete PHP project in a very short time, with a selection of modern & efficient components : setup your workspace with vagrant, build your app with Silex - Pimple - Twig, build your front-end with bootstrap, and more.

With some very simple examples will discover how to :

  • Run Silex locally with Vagrant / Docker / phusion
  • Run Silex with php-fpm + nginx
  • Build a simple navigation system from a YAML content tree, Twig for templating & bootstrap for CSS
  • Use Pimple to inject the YAML content within the $app container, and re-use everywhere
  • Provide 3 ways to embed external HTML blocks : SSI / ESI / AJAX, with HTTP Cache TTL (useHttpFoundation)
  • Create a generic service provider to compile locally the bootstrap .less files with cache / watch changes / compress (use less.php)